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The girls do an end of season review covering the FA Cup win, highlights of the season and chat about the impending transfer season (a certain Catalan is a topic of discussion).

Thank you for listening tous this season and for being understanding about our erratic posts. It’s been difficult to do this with our busy schedules, being in multiple timezones and all and it is something we hope to improve on next season!
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Have an amazing (World Cup) filled summer. We are looking forward to 2014-2015 already!
The LPGCast team

Back to Basics

Posted: February 28, 2014 by lpgcast in LPGCast
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Oh, hello again. We’re baaaack. No fancy theme song this week; we’ve got a lot of ground to cover

gif by ivyarchive on tumblr

gif by ivyarchive on tumblr

Our latest episode is jam-packed with content. Listen in as Sarah, Jenn, and Zara tackle the Liverpool, United, Liverpool, Bayern, and Sunderland matches. Thanks for your patience and support throughout this podcast’s lifespan. There’ve been a lot of real life changes for us, and we are a club in transition (sort of like Arsenal).

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See you next week!

Join Sarah (@wolvenal), Deborah (@binhaf), and Zara (@goonerathena) as they talk about the Aston Villa match, the January transfer window and Ballon d’Or awards.

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It’s been a while folks! Join Sarah (@wolvenal), Deborah (@binhaf), Sian (@SianyMacalarny) Zara (@goonerathena) and Premier Punditry’s Morgan Rubes (@morganArseCan) as they cover the Liverpool, Dortmund and upcoming Man United matches.


Join Sarah (@wolvenal), Deborah (@binhaf) and Zara (@goonerathena) as they cover the Sunderland, Marseille, Stoke and West Brom matches. It’s a doozy!


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No Diggity, No Doubt

Posted: September 3, 2013 by lpgcast in LPGCast
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Nope, none at all.


It’s an explosion of feelings on this week’s LPGCast. Join Sarah, Zara, Jenn, and Jess as they discuss the transfer signing of the season and the NLD.


Join us as we laugh at Spurs, talk about 4th place and announce the WINNERS of the END OF SEASON POLL!