About Us

Disclaimer: the LPG podcast and affiliated bloggers are not associated with Arsenal Football Club. All opinions expressed herein, as such, are not representative of AFC. We are a community of female fans expressing our opinions and discussing our experiences as Arsenal fans.

LPG stands for Les Petites Goonerettes, a group of female Gooners from around the world who came together and decided to start a podcast and blogging forum. If this is your first time seeing the term, please take a look around! Read our blogs, listen to our podcast, and check out our galleries.

Our podcasts come out every Wednesday, but our blog entries depend on the blogger. Sometimes we have so much to say about a certain topic that we separate it from the main LPGCast and call it Le Petit Back Heel. LPGCasts are usually 30-45 minutes and frequently have outtakes at the end, while Le Petit Back Heel episodes are 15-20 minutes long.

Up the Arsenal.


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