Posted: February 6, 2012 by avefrater in This is A Kick
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I like watching Arsenal. Sometimes they don’t like me back, so I also like drinking! These are two tastes that taste great together.

Have a drinking game! I also wrote one last season.

Please don’t sue me for any damage this might cause if you follow all of the rules simultaneously.


Take ONE drink if…

  • “One Man Team” is mentioned.
  • You yell/want to yell “shoot!” at the team. (This is more last season than this season, but it still applies sometimes.)
  • You find yourself going “come on, Gervinho, Gervinho— awww, Gervinho…” a la Szczesny playing FIFA.
  • Cesc Fabregas is mentioned.
    • Take another drink if Barcelona’s dreamy football is discussed.
  • Unlucky Theo. (OR, alternately, every time you yell/want to yell “GOOD DECISIONS!” at Theo.)
  • The commentators are obviously biased against Arsenal. (an extra long drink if it’s Stuart Robson)
  • An Arsenal player looks injured.
    • Another drink if they have to be subbed off.
    • Maybe finish your drink if it’s one of our defenders.
  • Arsenal score a goal!
    • Take another drink if it’s somebody who isn’t Robin!
  • Alex Song takes off his glasses and suit to become SONGINHO.
  • Arsenal don’t score from a corner.
    • Order a shot if they do score directly from a corner?
  • Someone is wrongly ruled offsides/onsides.
    • Take another drink if it leads to a goal scored or conceded.
    • Ditto for uncalled handballs.
    • Oh, hell, if you want to get really pissed, drink every time there is a bad refereeing.

Finish your drink if…

  • There’s even a hint of an injury to Robin van Persie.
  • Almunia is in goal. Then order a second round and down that as well if Squillaci is in front of him.
  • Arsenal win!
  • Arsenal lose. (Well, you’re going to need a drink either way, so why not?)



  • Before every match, take a shot for every starting XI squad member we have out injured. Wilshere counts.
  • Take a shot, however, if all of our back four is actually playing in position!
  1. michael says:

    I’m gonna be so wasted for the rest of the season after reading this

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