Posted: April 19, 2011 by avefrater in This is A Kick
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Just in time for the North London Derby!

Note: Most of this is tongue in cheek and/or included for maximum alcohol consumption.  I’m sure that once you get to a certain point, you’ll start making up rules of your own.

Take ONE drink if…

  • You yell (or want to yell) “shoot!” at the team.
  • There is a bizarre defensive cock-up.
    – Take another drink if this defensive mistake leads to a conceded goal.
    – Finish your drink if it leads to being knocked out of a competition.
  • The term “DNA” is mentioned.
  • Barcelona is mentioned.
    –  Take another drink if Barcelona is mentioned in conjunction with Cesc Fabregas.
  • An Arsenal player is injured.
  • An Arsenal player is fouled, but the foul isn’t called.
    – Take another drink if this player is Jack Wilshere.
  • The commentators are obviously biased against Arsenal.
  • An offsides call is wrongly made.
    – Take another drink if this leads to a disallowed goal.
    – Take another drink if this leads to a conceded goal.
  • You can hear the Nasri song being sung by the fans!
  • Nicklas Bendtner clasps his hands to his head in abject horror that the ball didn’t magically bend into the goal.
  • Unlucky Theo!
  • Arsenal score a goal!
    – Finish your drink if someone scores a hat-trick.

FINISH your drink if…

  • Almunia is in goal.
    – Order a new drink if he concedes a goal and the camera pans to Jens Lehmann on the bench with a look of disapproval.
  • Howard Webb is refereeing and the match is against Manchester United.
  • RVP is down, in pain.
  • Arsenal win!
    – Order another one and down it as well if the team manages to do it in a match without any red cards or penalties or any form of drama.


Take ONE drink every time:

  • You see a “Wenger out!” tweet.
  • There is in-fighting that goes beyond a 10-tweet thread.
  • You see someone begging a player for a RT.
  • Szczesny tweets.  Because he’s just that awesome.
  • Arsenal is linked with an English CB.
  • Jack Wilshere’s name is misspelled.
Feel free to contribute your own. Enjoy!
  1. Subha says:

    To be perfectly honest, I think I would order a whole pitcher just for myself if I see Almunia in goal.

    • avefrater says:

      Revised Arsenal drinking game:

      Drink if Almunia’s in goal. Continue drinking as long as he’s still in goal…

      EDIT: Oh, but that doesn’t work for when he races out of goal AKA when you need it most. Drat.

      • Subha says:

        Uh…here’s hoping we’ll be passed out from all the alcohol we consumed to notice that he’s left his line. And I don’t include an “if” in that sentence because we all know he will at one point in the game.

  2. annbug says:

    Oh gawd. This is asking us to die of liver damage. Will try at the Bolton game tomorrow.

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