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From Your Eyes

Posted: September 16, 2011 by arsenalofka in Roza's Pub
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Saturday, September, your room somewhere not near London or UK. You’ve just prepared your favorite beer and a bag of chips(or pizza maybe? Whatever you fancy). You are sitting in your most comfortable seat, checking your twitter timeline for the last time before you close it. You don’t want anything to mess with your already-slow connection. The online stream is prepared for almost half an hour, fingers are crossed. You knew the starting line up perhaps before Wenger did. It’s not hard to know it, really, when half of the team is injured or sold or having visa problems. That’s just one of the benefits of being an Arsenal fan. Sarcasm, yeah.

You turned off all your instant messaging tools, and closed all tabs except the stream. Now you’re ready. You took the first sip of cold beer, tastes so good. Two guys in studio are jabbering about things you know all too well. How many injuries there are, how many kids, did they recover from the Old Trafford slaughter, how the season is over and September has just begun. Finally, you see that beautiful expensive stadium and your favorite team. You forget about everything that you knew before and you whisper to your bottle of beer: “4-0, no problem at all. “ And then it starts. He passes wrong. He is so damn slow! Why are you playing anyway? You are sure you could play better! Why doesn’t he pass the ball to this guy on the other side? FASTER, dammit! And it continues for another 10-20 minutes. Then they manage to score and the world is ok again. Not for long of course, cause why the hell do you pass the ball to goalie! And so on… until you found yourself with half eaten pizza/chips, too much beer bottles around you, praying for the final whistle before someone is fouled in penalty area and scores a penalty for 1 miserable point.

When it’s finally done, and they did manage to win it, you’re still not satisfied. The game was awful, you couldn’t relax, someone got injured, they are shit! So you rant about it on twitter or facebook, whatever you fancy. You find thousands of people who totally agree with you. And then, there are some people who see that we actually won, we actually didn’t concede a goal, and new players were actually pretty great. So, what to do now? Stay grumpy and complain and hope for the worst? Or, jump on the positive train and be happy cause we won 3 points after, well, a while? I will stay positive, I always do. And I also recommend it to all of you. I guess it’s a lot easier to play and win when you have bunch of optimistic people behind you, rather than grumpy old men swearing at every wrong pass you make.