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I like watching Arsenal. Sometimes they don’t like me back, so I also like drinking! These are two tastes that taste great together.

Have a drinking game! I also wrote one last season.

Please don’t sue me for any damage this might cause if you follow all of the rules simultaneously.


Take ONE drink if…

  • “One Man Team” is mentioned.
  • You yell/want to yell “shoot!” at the team. (This is more last season than this season, but it still applies sometimes.)
  • You find yourself going “come on, Gervinho, Gervinho— awww, Gervinho…” a la Szczesny playing FIFA.
  • Cesc Fabregas is mentioned.
    • Take another drink if Barcelona’s dreamy football is discussed.
  • Unlucky Theo. (OR, alternately, every time you yell/want to yell “GOOD DECISIONS!” at Theo.)
  • The commentators are obviously biased against Arsenal. (an extra long drink if it’s Stuart Robson)
  • An Arsenal player looks injured.
    • Another drink if they have to be subbed off.
    • Maybe finish your drink if it’s one of our defenders.
  • Arsenal score a goal!
    • Take another drink if it’s somebody who isn’t Robin!
  • Alex Song takes off his glasses and suit to become SONGINHO.
  • Arsenal don’t score from a corner.
    • Order a shot if they do score directly from a corner?
  • Someone is wrongly ruled offsides/onsides.
    • Take another drink if it leads to a goal scored or conceded.
    • Ditto for uncalled handballs.
    • Oh, hell, if you want to get really pissed, drink every time there is a bad refereeing.

Finish your drink if…

  • There’s even a hint of an injury to Robin van Persie.
  • Almunia is in goal. Then order a second round and down that as well if Squillaci is in front of him.
  • Arsenal win!
  • Arsenal lose. (Well, you’re going to need a drink either way, so why not?)



  • Before every match, take a shot for every starting XI squad member we have out injured. Wilshere counts.
  • Take a shot, however, if all of our back four is actually playing in position!

LPGCast End of Season Awards!

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The time has come for our group to celebrate the end of our season! Thanks so much to you for listening, voting in our poll, retweeting our stuff, and basically supporting us since the beginning. But don’t think you’ve got rid of us quite yet! We will be having a few podcasts this summer, depending on what sorts of news we get, so keep following our twitter accounts (find links on our profiles) for important updates.

If you’re hoping to get involved somehow, here’s how you can help:

  • Submit a FFA Friday guest blog (instructions here)
  • Join us as a guest podcaster (contact via email for more info)
  • Ladies: join us as regular bloggers

Listen to the latest podcast below, or click the download link and save for later!

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“Troll in the Dungeon” clip from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

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Just in time for the North London Derby!

Note: Most of this is tongue in cheek and/or included for maximum alcohol consumption.  I’m sure that once you get to a certain point, you’ll start making up rules of your own.

Take ONE drink if…

  • You yell (or want to yell) “shoot!” at the team.
  • There is a bizarre defensive cock-up.
    – Take another drink if this defensive mistake leads to a conceded goal.
    – Finish your drink if it leads to being knocked out of a competition.
  • The term “DNA” is mentioned.
  • Barcelona is mentioned.
    –  Take another drink if Barcelona is mentioned in conjunction with Cesc Fabregas.
  • An Arsenal player is injured.
  • An Arsenal player is fouled, but the foul isn’t called.
    – Take another drink if this player is Jack Wilshere.
  • The commentators are obviously biased against Arsenal.
  • An offsides call is wrongly made.
    – Take another drink if this leads to a disallowed goal.
    – Take another drink if this leads to a conceded goal.
  • You can hear the Nasri song being sung by the fans!
  • Nicklas Bendtner clasps his hands to his head in abject horror that the ball didn’t magically bend into the goal.
  • Unlucky Theo!
  • Arsenal score a goal!
    – Finish your drink if someone scores a hat-trick.