Getting it Right

Posted: September 28, 2011 by cyclechicster in Le Petit Back Heel, LPGCast
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Unlike Arsenal, we are back to full strength! Join Jen, Deb, Sarah, Zara, and Subha as they discuss the Bolton match.

Alternate title: How Arsenal and Song got it right, and Walcott got it wrong.

One of our big topics (so big, it necessitated a Le Petit Back Heel episode) was Robin van Persie. Listen to the minisode below, take a look at Zara’s post, “The Century Man” and read all about our captain.

Listen to the LPGCast by downloading on iTunes or listen below without leaving the page.

This week we had so much to say about Robin van Persie that we added a very short Le Petit Back Heel to this week’s media. It’s also available on iTunes (you don’t need to subscribe to another channel) and you can listen below:


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