The LPGs aren’t just a group of women who record podcasts, we’re a growing community of football fans who have unique perspectives on life as an Arsenal fan. We want our community to thrive, and welcome our LPGs to have their own place to share experiences and thoughts on the beautiful game and the best team in the world.

In order to maintain the community, we ask the following of our bloggers:

  • 1+ post(s) per week
  • 300+ words per post (unless photo blog)
  • Photo blog posts need to have around 100 words as captions to photos
  • No posts that are other club-centric
  • Posts can be about general football issues, but for example, if you want to talk about the Lyon/RM/Barça match, you can’t talk about it on LPG site
  • examples of “general football issues”: Snoods ban, goal line technology, football book reviews, being a fan outside of UK, etc

To put things in perspective, 100 words is a sizeable paragraph, and 300 words is a little less than half a page! If you’re interested in becoming a regular blogger, please contact us via email at or twitter.

Notes on image: If you’ve taken pictures and you want to share but retain your rights, please add your own watermark before submission.


Guest Submissions

If you would like to submit an entry for our FFA Friday: Guest Blogs we ask for 300+ word count, a unique “voice,” and a short bio including your contact info.

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