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Posted: February 28, 2012 by lpgcast in LPGCast
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Celebrate the win with a longer podcast as the LPGs discuss the sublime win against Spurs.

*A note about the sublime: we’re using the romantic philosophical definition of the word, in which the emotion we are feeling stems from pain and fear. According to Edmund Burke, pain and fear are the most powerful emotions a human being can feel. For us, the pain and fear came during that first half  when the spuds scored the first goal so early in the game. Although the sublime is sprung from negative emotions, the same physical reactions can occur in the presence of the most beautiful situation, or the remontada when we scored 5 goals in such a short period of time. The sublime isn’t just beauty, it is what we feel when we are at our highest point, but when we are standing at the edge of a tremendous drop and the uncertainty of what may come. In short, we’re happy as fuck, but we’re nervous to the same degree for the rest of our season.