Addendum to the latest podcast

Posted: May 25, 2011 by avefrater in This is A Kick

This is a visual representation of what happens when you’re a Liverpool fan, I’m your best friend, and it’s April Fools Day.

The large block of text reads:

Dear diary,

Today I realized that I was following the wrong red-wearing EPL club! Manchester United are so great. They’ve won so many titles already and so have Liverpool, and they both wear red – so, y’know, it’s almost like they’re the SAME CLUB!

I love Manchester and want to move there and marry another fellow United fan. It’s all I aspire to in life! And by “fellow United fan” I obviously mean “Wayne Rooney”. He’s so gallant and talented and gentlemanly and looks so dashing in red! Sigh.

The Manchester United crest went right over the Liverpool crest hanging on her wall (though it almost went on the front of her Gerrard jersey) and all of those signs were plastered all over her room with the “Home Sweet Home” one going on her front door.  I’m cruel. I know. Next thing you know, I’ll be taking a picture of her broken luggage.


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