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Better Late Than Never

Posted: March 17, 2012 by lpgcast in LPGCast
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Apt title considering how late we are posting this AND how late we scored the winner.


Do you dare

Posted: September 26, 2011 by arsenalofka in Roza's Pub
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It always happens like this. You don’t expect anything. Your friends (and maybe even you) put some money against Arsenal. It’s okay. They have every right to do so—we’ve been unusually generous this season so why would it be different? You prepare for an embarrassing loss (or maybe a draw if we’re lucky) and expect a red card or another player to be out for 4 weeks. No big deal because, naturally, the season is already over. We’re looking forward to the winter transfer window and crossing our fingers for a good cup draw and a chance for a good run. As for the Premier League, only Le Boss believes that we’re in the race. And then, like many times before, Arsenal disappoints you.

Seriously, how dare they win like this? You promised yourself you wouldn’t get drawn into it again, and they win 3-nil? And our captain finally has a good game and he scores not one, but two goals? And there were no red cards issued against us? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Of course the game wasn’t easy to watch, none of them are. You were sure it would end badly, but no, they dare to surprise you and somehow they score—one, two, three goals. And what the hell will you do now? How do you explain this? How do you win back the money you’ve lost? What will happen next? Are the new players actually a good investment? Could it be? There are hundreds of unanswered questions.

Personally, I didn’t watch the game (real life got in the way), but hey, there are tons of match reports, videos, and Twitter updates. Now all I can think about was what will happen next. After that 8-2 loss, will we all start believing in life? It’s amazing how one win like this—with a clean sheet, 3 goals, and no red cards—can lift us all up. And that’s not all. Imagine when we get Vermaelen back. Oh my god, they should all be scared! It sounds a bit sarcastic, but unfortunately, I’m already thinking that. Then I remember I made fun of Wenger just yesterday when I saw how he still believes that Arsenal has a shot at the title. Silly old man, did you have this planned the entire time?

Finally, what will all of you do or think? Should we raise our hopes? Can we even do that? We’ve been disappointed so many times before. Should we dare to believe (and bet) once again? I can’t speak for all of you, but I’m in. I can’t help it; it’s part of being a Gooner for me. There will be sarcastic comments when we get a 2-0 lead (“Oh yeah, there are 2 minutes left; they still have time to draw the game. We are the Arsenal after all.”), but hey, I’m ready to do whatever it takes to keep this good thing going. I will keep telling my friends to put their money against Arsenal. We love it when they underestimate and hate us. We love to complicate things. Why do it the easy way when it’s so much more fun like this?