Post-Man United

Posted: November 8, 2012 by lpgcast in LPGCast

Soz, but it won’t be on itunes until tomorrow.

  1. Say Carl, can you play Leftback next week mate? says:

    Shakespeare said it best: “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it”.

    I don’t know if Wenger feels he has options at this point. Everything seems to be about choosing the lesser of two or more evils.

    The team was (is) on the skids since the International break. The team is still in the process of gelling. The team is still trying to deal with having a new captain. That captain is still trying to deal with the responsibility, and keep his form up while his best choice Left back is not there to make things a bit more easier on him. New forwards are trying to deal with the the pressure and dynamism of the EPL, and a creative Spaniard is running out of petrol, while long term injury players try to get back in the squad, and one’s that have shaky form, try to find consistency.

    Yes, its all a bit shit, and there are a lot of moving pieces, and a lot that can go wrong, does.

    So, do you add to the whirlwind by making even more changes? Or do you go with what you already decided on, your Plan A, and not go looking for a Plan B. Do you play the players that showed the most promise in practice, or do you go making changes to try and find a new spark?

    So no, if you are Arsene, you don’t bench your Captain. No one questioned TV5 being handed the armband, although I did notice more happy voices that Arteta was made Deputy. Now, the decision is made easier if you get a chance to drop a 2nd choice left back who makes a foolish mistake and you can push your 3rd choice CB Captain to LB to allow your first choice CB pair to deal with that Schalke tried to mount.

    It’s the lesser of all evils. It doesn’t make sense when there are other choices that are there on paper, but it does make sense if you’re the Manager and you’re trying to maintain some sense of stability and cohesiveness so that all hell doesn’t break loose.

    On the point about wide play, you will see that only on the right hand side because Sagna now can overlap, or Theo has the pace. Gervinho is out (I fear its long term) and so is the Ox. Yes, Arshavin can go out wide on the left, but that means choosing him over another player that you’re trying to see more long-term form improvement in. So you don’t choose the Russian.

    Btw, I do like the new blood on the Cast. Its the comment (made by the lass from the wrong London, I believe) that sparked my interest in leaving a reply and why I’m interacting and providing some feedback. So, “yes please” to hearing new voices more often on the Cast.

    Cheers les petites goonerettes!

    • lpgcast says:

      Thank you for the insightful and lengthy comment. We came across this after recording this week’s edition of the podcast and realized that we had discussed many of the points you have brought up. The team and club really seems to be at a crossroads right now and the upcoming derby is more important than ever. A win would restore some faith within the team and among the fanbase but a bad result could have an outcome I am wary to contemplate. The lady from the wrong London (Jess) makes an appearance on the this week’s podcast too and we look forward to making another signing to the team soon. Keep an ear out!

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