Posted: May 11, 2012 by lpgcast in LPGCast
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  1. Clock End Mike says:

    Thanks, great talk, girls — you’ve said just what we’re all thinking! It’s the waiting that’s getting to me… can’t wait for Sunday to be over!

  2. Some good points here! Do you think the lack of beers before midday games has some effect on the crowd? Don’t think I’ve ever been to a very lively midday game, yet!
    Hopefully we strengthen the midfield over the summer, would be nice to get M’Vila (or equivalent dm) so we can leave them further back and have song/wilshere/arteta/ramsey in their more preferred attacking roles, may also be possible to give Lansbury a chance next season as he’s given some impressive displays.
    Interestingly you spoke about the Milan game .. could be possible to start the same XI (but Coq for Sagna) although personally I just don’t see Wenger not starting Ramsey, let’s hope he surprises us.
    Who cares who wins the league, this weekend is all about the fight for third, come on Arsenal!!

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