One Aaron Ramsey

Posted: November 5, 2011 by oranjesky in Exile in London
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Truth be told, I am unashamedly an Aaron Ramsey fangirl. His shy interviews, quiet confidence on the pitch and his uncanny ability to steal Nicklas Bendtner’s clothes and look better in them won my heart. I cried when he got injured and I fiercely defended him when others doubted his ability to come back from this. When he returned to The Emirates to score the winning goal against Manchester United it was one of my proudest moments as a football fan. I was excited for Aaron’s future and was looking forward to seeing his partnership with Jack grow. Then the summer of 2011 happened. With Cesc sold and Jack injured, I was concerned over Ramsey’s ability to step up and fill the role Arsene wanted.

So often Arsenal have turned to youth players to up their game and rise to the level needed, but Cesc Fabregas is not a man easily replaced and Aaron is a very different type of player. He lacks the vision, creativity and dynamic skills of our former captain. He sometimes dwells on the ball and can be indecisive in front of goal. His first few games of the season were worrying and fans were beginning to doubt his talent; calling him overrated and not good enough for Arsenal.

What they couldn’t see is that Ramsey’s skills lie in the fact that he is box to box, hustle and bustle type of player. He doesn’t fit the tiki-taka style that Fabregas was an exponent of, and we have had to adjust our play since his departure. Ramsey likes to play the ball longer and is good at getting stuck in. His pass completion is around 95%, his through balls are often game changing, he is striking up good understandings with Gervinho and van Persie and his midfield relationship with Arteta is flourishing. He is aware of the expectations that surround him and recently had this to say about the comparisons between him and Cesc:

“Cesc is a different player. He was a great player for this club but hopefully I can bring my own style to this team and create opportunities to score goals and get on the scoresheet myself. That’s what I am aiming to do.”


He is well on his way to living up to his own definition of success. Aaron made the assist for van Persie’s first versus Bolton, scored the equaliser in the better-forgotten game against Tottenham, came off the bench to give us the win over Marseille away, ran the show against Chelsea and provided a beautiful ball to Walcott which led to the first goal against WBA today.

Ramsey’s ability to grow and mature into the player we now see is why us fans need to try and develop patience with players. Sometimes they have off games, a run of bad form and lack confidence in their own abilities. It is at such times when they most need the faith and support of fans to rise up and become integral parts of this Arsenal team. As usual Arsene said it best:

I believe Aaron is on the way up…that he is improving now is normal because he is young. At his age there is still a lot of room for improvement for him. The worry we had was that he would be psychologically touched by the fact he was out for such a long time and we would see that when he goes into challenges. He got over that hurdle and I have been impressed with the way he dealt with the whole situation.

No player is above criticism, there is always room for improvement and Aaron is certainly no different. He may not be everyone’s first choice and he may struggle to stay in the starting eleven when Jack returns but he is a player with heart, the drive and determination to move forward with this team and fight for success and that is enough for me to believe in one Aaron Ramsey.

  1. Mo says:

    Nice write up, I don’t quite agree that Aaron is a ‘hustle & bustle’ type of player, he is a superbly gifted, technical attacking midfielder, with many weapons to his game..passing,’s just in the beginning of the season he was still finding his feet in a side bereft of confidence..but in the last few weeks he’s truly blossomed & very well done to him. It’s never guaranteed you’ll come back the same after so horrific an injury. Great to have him back

    As you’ve noted he seems to be a lovely guy too..

    Btw trust me I think by the end of the year he’ll be a staple in the team & the way the midfield is ticking right now I don’t know who’se place wilshere would take!lol

    I think in about 2 years he will be world doubt about it. The talent is all there

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