And the World is New

Posted: September 8, 2011 by lpgcast in LPGCast

It’s interlull, a time that all of us at LPGCast have been looking forward to. Join us this week for a relaxed episode in which we talk a little about our new signings and Wenger’s two match ban for a UEFA cock up.

We have good news and bad news regarding listening and downloading.

The good news: WE HAVE A PODCAST HOST. You’ll be able to have all the episodes on your iTunes, yaay!

The bad news: We’ve had quite a few podcasts since May when we decided to go host site shopping, so we have quite a few files that need to be posted to iTunes. That means that until Monday, we won’t have completed our move. I’ve got to organize the files, and make sure they end up in the right order. Sit tight until Monday!


As for this week’s episode, you can listen below, or download from MegaUpload.


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