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Posted: August 9, 2011 by kbashisms in The Chocolate Leg

Early Tuesday, Chamakh was interviewed by French news channel L’Equipe. This video clip has the full interview with the striker on the “Foot and Co” show and his views on Fabregas, Nasri and Arsenal’s transfer activity this summer. The interview was conducted in French and since many of us are not fluent in the language, we have asked Pauline (@_superbanane) to help us come up with a comprehensive translation of the interview.

It will be interesting to see how the English and Catalan media manipulate Chamakh’s quotes in Wednesday morning’s papers. Some of it has already started via the infamous Barcelona based twitter account @barcastuff which is claiming that Chamakh slammed Arsene numerous times in the interview, something which he clearly did not do according to the translation and video clip.

Link to the tweet

The Translation:

Who is going to leave Arsenal? 

Chamakh: I don’t know. I think both of them are likely to leave (Nasri and Fabregas) but I don’t know, the situation is embarrassing for the manager. I don’t think it’s a matter of money especially as it concerns Fabregas. It’s more that Arsène is looking for his successor but can’t find him. Before he can release them, he wants to find good replacements. That’s the real problem in my opinion. The season is starting this weekend so it’s embarrassing.

Marouane, didn’t you suggest him to sign Gourcuff ?

Chamakh: I could have suggested Gourcuff to him but Arsene is the man in charge and he’s the one to make all the decisions.

You’re saying both Nasri and Fabregas could leave. But how is Arsenal going to cope with those departures?

Chamakh: I think the club can release only one of them, and I’d say Cesc because he has wanted to leave for a couple of years and we all know he comes from Barcelona. Samir is in different situation. He would leave for his own sake because his contract runs for another year and if they don’t sell him now he’ll be able to leave for free next season. So it’s kind of embarrassing for the club.

Yes but he doesn’t want to sign another contract. So it’s a matter of money, since he’s asking for exorbitant wages.

Chamakh: Yes, kind of. Well, I don’t know, I’m not part of the negotiations but all I know is that if they don’t manage to extend his contract, he’ll be free at the end of the season. Could the club give up on £20m to keep him for this season? Yes, maybe.

But would it be wise? Look, Bordeaux did the same for you but I can’t see Arsenal losing Samir for free when they could get £20m, knowing Cesc could leave as well. It’s complicated.

Chamakh:  Yes. Well, I would love Samir to stay and he could be a key man for the team. But it’s really weird that a club like Arsenal finds itself in such a situation, having players with only one year left on their contract and not managing to make them sign another one. It’s a very delicate situation.

From the interview, it seems that Chamakh is referring to the Nasri situation to be “embarrassing” to the club. This is a sentiment that is shared by many of the club’s supporters who have expressed frustration at the club’s inability to tie down the Frenchman to a new contract and most, if not all supporters would rather sell him this summer for a decent price than lose him on a free next summer. It is also important to note that Chamakh states that he does not think Arsene and the club will sell Fabregas or Nasri unless they can find adequate replacements for them. This indicates that the club probably does not feel Ramsey is adequately ready to take over Cesc’s role and may be looking for a replacement externally.

Although some might say some of these comments from Chamakh were unnecessary considering the situation the club finds itself in right now especially with regards to the Fabregas and Nasri sagas, they do give us somewhat of an insight into the state of mind of one of our players. I highly doubt Chamakh knows precisely any of Arsene’s or the club’s transfer plans and he even states that this is what he thinks will happen. It is important to keep that it mind when reading any of the sensational headlines these quotes will no doubt generate in the media.

  1. Czarsenal says:

    I don’t understand why any player speaks to the press without first running it by the Club. If I were a player, don’t think I’d speak to any media or press outfit about anything relating to the Club who I play for without having all those questions first vetted by the Club’s Press Office and agreed upon responses.

    Marouane is right though, he’s not part of any of the negotiations and is getting any of his info second hand, and, given his stature at the club (what is he, 3rd choice striker now?) I wonder if he is not hearing the negative because that is where his state of mind is at.

    It’s a bit like disgruntled fans feeling vindicated in their negativity by logging in to Twitter and seeing the bitch-off take place amongst fans . vs the Club.

    Misery loves company.

    News flash: perhaps Nasri never intended to sign a contract renewal and no matter what the Club thought his services were worth, they were not good enough for the, for a spell, very “in form” #8. Sometimes a player just wants to go, for a whole host of reasons and since they are very much formed in that player’s mind, who’s to say whether they are valid reasons or not.

    I can imagine too that not many British journos or media hacks would go through the trouble of getting a proper translation or interpretation. Truth doesn’t sell papers or fill columns as easily as opinion, rhetoric, or lazy story spin.


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