Post-Stoke Whinging

Posted: May 11, 2011 by lpgcast in LPGCast
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I think the title says it all.

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  1. Czarsenal says:

    Another cracker.

    I think you capture the mood of the wider gooner audience, that, while contemplative about the season and our spectacular capitulation after Wembley (queue that image of Jack with his hands on his head after Kos bottled it), we need to look “Forward” (using the 125th Anniversary motto).

    I think it’s quite interesting how Jack is viewed as the player who works his ass off every single game, and is in the minds of many for future captaincy. If “everyone” can be a leader on the pitch, as Wenger puts it, then why can’t they all put in a leadership performance, EVERY SINGLE GAME hrm?!

    I don’t agree that Vermaelen should not be expected to provide Captaincy. The Captain has a role beyond inspiring the team; and as we have seen, we need someone on the pitch to channel Jack’s boundless energy away from Rooneyville. I like Cesc. But as I’ve seen with the Spanish team, he’s not a leader in that pack, so its hard for me to see him as a Leader on the pitch for Arsenal. I hear the player’s say he’s the Captain, but I don’t really think they believe it.

    Much has been said of a strong spine, from GK to CB, to CDM, to CAMF, to Striker.

    We need a Defending Midfielder and an In the Box Striker. Stamina of mind that comes from experience. Just look at Nick and Chamakh. Composure gentlemen, for cripes sake.

    Near the end you touched on something important.

    We cannot blame injuries. So why do we crumble towards the finish line?

    I’ll leave you with this.

    Wenger is the Manager.
    Who are the COACHES? 😉

    Can anyone name one? And not from the Reserves. Not from the Youth. And not Pat Rice.
    Used to be that you saw enough maturity in the squad (Invincibles) that they looked like they just needed to be Managed.

    Not this lot. Not even close. You don’t lose 4 nil up against a newly promoted squad (I don’t care if its Newcastle). You just don’t.

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