Aliens Invade LPG

Posted: May 4, 2011 by lpgcast in LPGCast

In which LPGs discuss the latest Arsenal match vs. Man. Utd., Cesc’s twitter activities, and where the aliens joke originated. Disclaimer: The Twilight Zone theme song remains property of owner. No copyright infringement is intended; Neither LPG nor Arsenal FC are in any way compensated for the publication of this podcast.

  1. Czarsenal says:

    Thanks again for another informative, fun and engaging podcast.

    You’ve asked for some feedback, and so, here you go. Disclaimer: I am not a journo

    I thought the game recap was nice. I like how you went right in to contrasting with past performances, and the sometimes seemingly baffling play; what worked, what didn’t (why of why did they keep doing odd things?!). I didn’t hear too much about how United played. Rooney’s antics notwithstanding 😉

    Great seque in to the discussion about Jack and the U21s, and more, seemingly baffling decision making where hubris/pride seems to be beating out common sense. I like how you all seem to just state facts, and your opinions are kept as an undertone.

    But then you certainly did when it came to the kits. Full on fashionista mode! But you didn’t stay on that for too long 😉 Said what was on your mind, and moved on. Some good points about buying kits: I think the Club know that most supporters have a few shirts, so they have to keep coming up with new and inventive designs to sell the new season’s outfit (especially since, as you point out, the lads look good in anything).

    Again, some great insights in to Cesc and his interaction with the fans. Its a sign of the times, and it was great to get a recap of something that I’m sure a lot of people missed as it happened.

    Ironically your discussion ended on the topic of Barcelona. I thought the Twilight Zone music was oddly fitting (although completely unintended).

    I especially like how your blend of passion (as exemplified in your voices and your obvious frustration, at times) for the team, and, your insights in to both the play of the first team players comes through. Too often podcasts can be heavy handed “this is what I think I’m right, so listen up” but you ladies have found a way to be informative, entertaining and inclusive.

    Can’t wait for the next one. And, Jen, you need some lovin gurl 😉

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